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Meet Utility Gauntlet

Our Utility Gauntlet is a fully 3D printed prosthetic for upper limb amputee's that will allow them to complete everyday tasks such as writing, opening doors, and carrying items. The Utility Gauntlet is also extremely light-weight due to its 3D printed parts, which won't cause any fatigue for the veteran throughout the day. We also will be open-sourcing all of our designs so that the community can make modifications and improvements to our hardware.

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Our prosthetics are multi-purpose so that our veterans can have the best experience possible.


At Havenlabs, we use scanners and 3D printers to custom-build prosthetics for our veterans.


We care, which is why we believe that every veteran has a right to obtain a prosthetic if they are in need of one.


Our mission is to help in any way possible, which is why our prosthetics are free of cost for all veterans.

The Best Place For Veterans To Get A Helping Hand

"We are a team of engineers that has come together to improve the lives of our nation's veterans who have dedicated themselves to protecting our freedom." Our inspiration is the blood, sweat, and tears that have been sacrificed for us to live without the burden of danger. Havenlabs aspires to help disabled veterans across the nation by donating custom 3D prosthetic limbs. "We would not be where we are today without the generosity of others." We believe that our veterans, after their extraordinary sacrifices, should not have to experience the financial burden of having to purchase prosthetic devices.

Our Amazing Team

Our team started off with just an idea in Poughkeepsie, NY and has grown tremendously since then. We have worked extremely hard in order to design and build prosthetics for our U.S. veterans. At Havenlabs, our backgrounds consist of specialities in Engineering, Computer Science, Finance, and Multimedia.

Thank You Letter
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River Castelonia

Executive Director
team member

Brian Sopok

Head of Software Development
team member

Ronald Mogg

Head of Finance
team member

Mohammad Hasani

Mechanical Design Engineer
team member

Jedediah Tango

Multimedia Developer
team member

Anthony Salcedo

Graphic Designer

In The News

Havenlabs has recently been featured in numerous news articles including 3D Printing Industry, 3Printr, and more. Co-founder, River Castelonia, was also interviewed by 3D Masterminds and gave a TEDx talk to spread the word about our mission. Click on the links below to learn more!